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Circular stone wall surrounding a lush grassy area in a beautifully landscaped garden

Quality Commercial Landscaping Services In Peterborough & Nearby Areas

KF Exteriors provides a diverse range of commercial landscaping services in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. We are skilled in offering bespoke solutions tailored to the requirements of your commercial space, with expertise in paving, exterior building solutions as well as soft and hard landscaping services. Our services contribute to improving the aesthetics and functionality of your commercial premises. 


We also hold charity events to support the local community, which is something we are very passionate about. Explore our service portfolio, encompassing commercial paving, transformative exterior solutions and innovative landscaping. If you want to get more information on our services, do get in touch with us via phone, message or by filling out our contact form. We will be happy to respond to your questions. If you wish to entrust your project to us, we will be happy to provide you with a service tailored to your requirements.

Our Commercial Solutions

Discover Our Landscaping Services!

Gardener uses rotary mower on lawn of commercial property

Commercial Garden Makeovers

Indulge in complete garden makeovers with thorough garden clearance. Our adept gardeners offer assistance in garden drainage, ensuring the seamless functionality of the system. Additionally, we address your garden fencing requirements, guaranteeing the security of your commercial premises.

Upkeep Of Lawns

Keep your commercial lawns immaculate with our proficiency in regular hedging. Our services encompass cultivating and maintaining office or commercial lawns for added privacy, security and enhanced aesthetics. Recognising the need for dedicated outdoor care, we are here to assist you with the maintenance of your lawns.

Commercial Patios And Driveways

Upgrade your commercial driveways with our services, ensuring longevity and distinguished aesthetic appeal. We introduce stylish elements to your patios, incorporating techniques like decking to improve visual appeal through wooden surfaces. Our designed paving and driveways feature resin patios that are robust and long-lasting.

Professional Landscaping

Our soft landscaping solutions encompass gardens, plants and implementation of other horticultural and decorative elements. In the commercial sector, landscaping goes beyond just the basics; it involves detailed planning, design, installation and long-term maintenance to compose a finished product that mirrors a business's personality and values.

Plants along cobblestone driveway
A technician installing solar panels on factory roof

Solar Panels

We excel in installing solar panels on your commercial property, ensuring their cleanliness and protection from birds. Our dedicated team is committed to the ongoing maintenance of your solar panels, preventing any hindrance in receiving solar energy. You can count on us to help you run on renewable energy.

Guttering Services

Our professional team contributes to maintaining the cleanliness of your outdoor space through moss removal services. Additionally, we offer gutter cleaning services to preserve the strength and efficiency of your gutters. 

Site Maintenance

We take care of the comprehensive upkeep of your grounds, addressing hard landscaping needs and the health of trees. Our services include turfing, weed control and new grass installation. Equipped with extensive knowledge, our tree surgeons focus on ensuring that your commercial property boasts healthy and lush plants and trees.

The stacking of roll green lawn grass

Contact Us On 07935 935754 To Book A Commercial Landscaping Service With Our Expert Team.

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